How to Make Listicle for content Logical Structure building
13th March 2021 By HB

Every content has a listicle that is presented in the list of content. Listicle makes content easy for a reader. Listicle for content like that and ornaments. It makes the content readable for everyone. Every reader can easily scan if the listicle is contained of content. It is the way for sharing the information of content. A reader takes a closer look at the content through the listicles.

What is a listicle:

A listicle is the formate of an article. The most common listicle contains about 10-20 items that are based on your content information. But modern articles that limit enhance that content information. It is focusing the whole content at a sight. Through the listicle articles, a reader finds out the article's outlet. It encourages a reader to read the articles. Listicles is a goal to concern a reader which is more helpful t read the content.

Why is listicle is important:

Listicle content more effective and informative to a reader. It helps a reader to understand the main topics easily. Like anything else reader can find out the information through the listicle format content. The listicle is astonishing to verify of topics which content contains. When a reader see listicle articles they are more positive thinking about the content.

For writing good listicle articles you can follow this:

  • Narrow your topics
  • Drafting your listicle
  • Formatting your listicle
  • Improve your listicle style

By step by step I will discuss these topics:

Narrow your topics:

You always must be thinking that your topics about the content are so narrow so that it is expendable for a reader. You can follow this step to narrow your topic:

1. Choose an interesting topic:  

You can highlight your topics such as interesting topics about the content. It will be more helpful to you that a reader sees the topics must stay here and read properly your content. I think it's more essential for content to choose interesting topics.

2.Read related topics from the other blog:

To know more details about narrowing your content then you can read related another blog post from google. You can generate an idea about narrowing the topics through the related articles. You also justified your narrow topics from the other articles. It is more helpful for a writer to make the content narrow topics.

 3.Twist on the topics:

Start your Topics with unique or twist words that make a reader encourage to read the content. It makes your content attractive and readable. Twist words like that:

  • What the meaning of coconut
  • Why It is important
  • How to earn easily      

4.Use Odd num or prime num:

You can also use the single num odd number or prime number to narrow the content topics. It is more helpful to focus on the content. It looks different from other content and more attractive to a reader. From this, you can make your goals and convenience to a reader to read the content easily.


Drafting your listicle:

Drafting a listicle means to graph or layout the content. It is focusing on your content mostly.

To follow this step you can drafting your content:

1. List your main topics:

 It one of the best ways of Drafting content. To make the list It expresses the whole outlet the content overview. From the lust, a reader can easily find out the articles making. To bullet the main points that means you can information about the content in words. It is helpful to engage the reader to read the content.  

2.Write your points:

Keep your points short and easy. You always try to include the informative points so that a reader can find out the information through the points.

For example, you write “10 reasons to love prophet Muhammad” to see these points reader can understand the topics easily.

 3.Organize your point:

With logical words, you can organize the points. You do not need to organize any content but you need to organize some kind of content like that news articles which is in chronological order. If you think your reader can better understand about to organize the point you can make your point organized.

4.Add images:

By adding images you can also be drafting your content listicle. It was also helpful to the writer to explain the content overview. And also easy and informative for a writer to understand the content.


Formating your listicle:

 If you contain any reputation or discuss important think then you can use formating your listicles such as:


To make your content more effective you can use this type of formating. It is more important for content to make easy and informative. When a writer sees this type of content they setup their mind to positive thinking and understands easily information.


Improve your listicle style:

 To improve your content you must be encouraged and make clear your points. Each paragraph contains 6-8 sentences. Improving the style you can following the step:


 1.Keep your writing tight:


 Use a few words to your listicles what you say and what you want to understand about content. People like listicles because they want to know easily about the content. So always try to make it easy and keep tight your writing.

  2.Make a simple list:

It is most important that how many entires list in your listicles. Always try to avoid unnecessary lists in your listicles. For example, if any paragraph entries 10-15 list its looks disgusting. So you must be concern about making the list in your listicles.



In every content, listicles play an important role. It not also makes it easy to write the content but also more effective and informative for a reader. It helps a reader to understand the content topics. A reader can find out the information easily through the listicles. listicles of a content r focusing the main topics and main explain main information which a reader like most.



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